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Tai-ga is a combination of taiji and Yoga that builds strength and flexibility while boosting energy levels and reducing stress levels through 'meditation in motion'.

It is an excellent class for those people who have always wanted to learn taiji and Yoga but do not have the time to commit to separate classes for both disciplines. Moreover, the taiji and Yoga moves taught in Tai-ga complement each other so that the benefits are increased over and above the practise of taiji or Yoga in isolation.


Tai-ga is an exercise regime that:

  • is made up of controlled, biomechanically correct movements;

  • has a calming effect - ideal for winding down after work;

  • is low (actually, no) impact - movements performed do not cause jarring in joints;

  • improves posture;

  • tones and conditions muscles;

  • increases stability of joints;

  • strengthens core (supporting) muscles;

  • increases resistance to injury especially in the back and neck;

  • promotes graceful movement and improves co-ordination;

  • reduces fat while building lean muscle mass;

  • is safe for people of all levels of fitness and flexibility;

Tai-ga is superior to taiji alone because:

  • it requires deeper and more comprehensive stretches;

  • it lengthens and strengthens major muscles more than taiji so as to increase resistance to injury;

  • it incorporates movements that include bending from the waist so as to strengthen and stretch the back;

  • it involves 'full range of movement' exercises;
  • it includes sitting and lying exercises;

  • it can be relaxing, physically strenuous or anything in between.

Tai-ga is superior to Yoga alone because:

  • it is not static but involves smooth, graceful and controlled movement;

  • it improves co-ordination;

  • it improves balance while moving and stepping in extended stances;

  • it strengthens the supporting muscles that stabilise the body during movement;

  • it teaches real martial arts techniques through the taiji short and long forms;

  • it is a form of Chi-Kung (Qi Gong) that increases your 'Chi' (life force).

COST: Students/Part-time employed: $60.00 for 8 sessions; Full-time employed: $77.00 for 8 sessions.


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Click here for images from a tai-ga class