Tou xing

"Throw forms"


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The 2 Tou Xing (Nagegata in Japanese) are throw forms that have had a long period of evolution in the Academy.  In their present form they are used to teach the footwork and posture rered to effectively apply a number of projections and throws derived from  southern Chinese White Crane, internal arts qin-na and jujutsu/aikido.

The forms can be practised solo or against continuous attacks from partners.


A summary of the touxing throwing system





Tou xing chu
Small throw form (Nagegata sho)

The first Tou xing consists of throws or projections teaching basic concepts such as the "C" back, entering, correct footwork and flow.  The form focuses on basic spiral throws and basic arcing throws.

Tou xing chu is required for Nidan 3.



Tou xing da
Large throw form (Nagegata dai)

The second Tou xing builds on the first form by introducing more sophisticated and subtle footwork, leading into advanced arc, spiral and hip throws.  The techniques in this form require minimal force when executed correctly however they are exceptionally combat effective.  The form comprises 2 separate sections which can be practised independently.

Tou xing da can be practised as one long form or as 2 separate sections.

The first section of tou xing da is required for Sandan 3.

The second section of tou xing da is required for Sandan 4.