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Warm up and conditioning (junbi undo)

Supplementary exercises (hojo undo)






Contents of a class

The Academy conducts weekly classes teaching its Wu-Wei Dao fighting system, which teaches the varied arts of the Academy in a structured progression.

Classes are typically 90 min long, with the first 20 min comprising warm-up and conditioning exercises.  This is followed by approximately 10 min of kihon (basics), 30 min of  kata (forms) and kumite (sparring), 20 min of weapons training (see Arnis and Kobudo) and 10 min of cooling down and stretching.

Supplementary exercises are interspersed throughout these activities, ensuring that the students can develop the physical fitness necessary for both health and self-defence.

The weekly classes tend to be small and personalised, with typically no more than 15 people in a class and up to 3 instructors teaching/assisting.  After the warm-ups and a few basics, the class is usually divided into smaller groups for individual practice, with the instructors circulating and correcting.

Great emphasis is placed on safety during training.  It is for this reason that egotistical behaviour is not tolerated and a high degree of etiquette and decorum is both practised and expected.




The Academy's students are well known as friendly, helpful and welcoming to newcomers and visitors.  Students range in age from the early teens to mature ages.  Separate classes are held for children with a specific syllabus and focus for them.

The weekly classes are not geared towards competition but rather are conducted in a traditional manner with a focus on effective  civilian defence, health and fitness.

Beginners spend part of their first 8 lessons with their own private instructor, and part of those lessons joining in on group activities.  The individualised attention in the first 8 lessons allows the beginner to become acclimatised to both the techniques and the conditioning.

Students from other systems join in the class and are given more personalised attention on an "as needs" basis.  After a reorientation period (between 3 to 6 months) they will regrade to the relevant grade under the Academy's syllabus.






 Warm up and conditioning exercises (junbi undo)

The warm-up and conditioning exercises, junbi undo, (as systemised by the great Karate Master Chojun Miyagi in the 1920's) are the result of over 1000 years of ongoing development in China and a great deal of consideration to the dual, compatible goals of developing both optimal health, and a physique suited to performing martial arts techniques.


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As there is no substitute for long term development by trial and error these exercises are consistent with today's knowledge of human physiology and biomechanics. Nevertheless Kancho Nenad has reviewed and modified these exercises slightly in order to bring them in line with the very latest in Sport Science knowledge and to suit the needs of the Western Lifestyle...
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    Supplementary exercises (hojo undo)

In most sessions certain supplementary exercises, known as Hojo Undo, are practised with a view to further building strength and fitness. In fact, the attainment of a certain amount of physical strength, stamina and dynamic flexibility is a pre-requisite for the award of some grades. 

Hojo Undo exercises performed include such well known exercises as push-ups, various abdominal exercises and other body weight exercises (often partner assisted). In addition, students are encouraged to use the dojo's traditional Okinawan strength training equipment (such as Chi-shi) which is specifically designed to build practical strength rather than muscle bulk. [read more]


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