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  Grounding: the secret of the great masters
The morning sessions will focus heavily on grounding or "sinking" - the secret of the greatest martial masters of all time such as Wang Shujin.  Kancho and Shihan will show students how they can achieve this skill through the correct practice of the katas Sanchin and Tensho.  Students will learn why these kata are truly the cornerstone of our karate and fighting systems generally.  See also Sanchin kata.



Learn the "secret" of grounding


Happo: 8 point turning drills
The morning and evening sessions will feature a variety of "happo" - 8 point drills for learning how to turn effectively to face opponents.  These drills also provide a valuable forum for practising basics. 

See videos here.



Tanren - drills for combat effectiveness
The morning sessions will also include an in-depth study of the conditioning, parrying and sensitivity "bunkai" of Sanchin kata.  These drills have never been shown before, even to the highest Wu-Wei students, so don't miss out!

The footwork for some of the drills is shown below (more notes to follow).  See also Sanchin kata.


Discover the devastating true applications of Sanchin kata's perplexing hand movements



Touxing - the "internal" throwing system of Wu-Wei Dao
2 Touxing (Nagegata in Japanese - meaning "throw forms") of Wu-Wei Dao are actually a complete martial arts subsystem.  They comprise combat effective throws based on karate and Southern Chinese white crane qin-na (grappling) techniques.  However the throws are unique in as much as they rely on "soft" or "internal" arts movement to create powerful, yet effortless projections.  Kancho and Shihan will attempt to cover as much of the 2 throw kata as possible in the week long course.  This event is not to be missed as time constraints prevent in-depth study of these forms during normal class times.



Uncover the secret to effortless, powerful combat projections


Jodo and arnis - the kata
During the evening sessions more senior students will have the opportunity of learning the Wu-Wei system of jodo (4ft staff).  We hope to cover both Juroku and the elegant
sanjuichi (the highest jo form) and, time permitting, the Chen Pan-Ling walking stick form which is "jo like".  Beginners will have the opportunity to learn and perfect the arnis flow drill which is structured like a kata.

Online notes to follow mid week!



Learn the elegant and profound Chen Pan-Ling walking stick form

    Chen Pan-Ling Taijiquan
During the morning sessions we will be covering the first 1 1/2 sections of the esoteric and much sought after Chen Pan-Ling (Nanjing Combined) form of Taijiquan.