Academy mission statement







The Academy of Traditional Fighting Arts was established to inspire and assist men, women and children of all ages to:

  • be successful individuals;
  • learn to defend themselves;
  • achieve personal development along their chosen path in life;
  • produce a peaceful society; and
  • became assets to the community.







The Academy teaches traditional fighting arts via the Wu-Wei Dao system which by its design emphasizes and promotes:

  • excellent health and general fitness;
  • effective, practical self-defence within the capabilities of the practitioner's age, maturity and physical condition.






The Academy teaches fighting arts that enable any motivated individual to become a fitter, stronger, healthier and more confident person. This is achieved by following a carefully controlled progressive programme of study and training involving physical and mental principles.





The Academy is led by highly trained, qualified and licensed instructors who:

  • offer tuition in a number of traditional fighting arts;
  • are themselves following a personal programme of self-development;
  • are dedicated to reversing the increasing dilution of martial arts.





The Academy teaches fighting arts for:

  • health and fitness;
  • self defence and self-development.






Unlike activities such as boxing, kickboxing, sport karate, wrestling, tae-kwon-do or judo which can be collectively classified as martial sports, there is no sport or competitive aspect to the Academy.






The Academy offers instruction which is totally practically orientated, given in small class groups to ensure individual and personalized attention. Self-defence techniques taught cover situations involving both armed and unarmed aggressors. Students are also taught how to handle a variety of traditional and modern martial arts weapons.






Membership of the Academy, participation in its instructional programmes and access to its specialized knowledge and expertise is available to anyone irrespective of age, sex, physical condition or religious conviction. The only qualifying conditions are sincerity and effort.


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