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      "Lost" photos rediscovered after almost a decade

Very recently Shihan Dan managed to open almost 100 syllabus-related digital pictures for the first time since they were taken in early 1997.

The photographs were captured on a first generation digital camera in a format unknown to most computer programs today.  With the assistance of an IT expert, Dan was able to convert these to jpeg files and put them to the use they were intended.

Shihan Dan said: "The camera didn't have a display screen - only a viewfinder.  We saw the pictures very briefly on screen when they were downloaded to a computer.   Then they were transferred to my PC without the viewing program.  We meant to get a copy of the program, but somehow never got around to it.  Since then every program we've tried has failed to recognise the image format".

The pictures were part of an early attempt to create a student resource much like this website.  Said Shihan Dan: "In many ways we were ahead of our time - too far ahead.  We gave up on the idea when we realised the costs and difficulties associated with such an ambitious task."

The pictures feature a variety of junbi undo (warm up and conditioning exercises) and basic stances, blocks and punches.  Most of the photographs will be employed on the site as the information they contain remains as relevant today as it was back then.  Some of the photographs have already been uploaded to the Junbi undo page.  Check it out!

      2006 Intensive training a huge success!

The 2006 intensive training was completed on Saturday 14 October with our annual beach training.  Judging by the attendance and spirit throughout the week, the course was a huge success.  Well done to all the participants, particularly those who achieved 100% (details to follow)!

Here are some pictures from the course (click to enlarge).

A short video of the beach training can be downloaded here.

      2006 Intensive training topics finalised!

The topics for this year's intensive training have been finalised!  Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to learn and "groove" these esoteric yet profound techniques! [Read more]


      Josh celebrates birthday in Wu-Wei Dao style

Josh Sumura celebrated his 13th birthday on 15 September 2006, in true Wu-Wei Dao style (check out the birthday cake!) and in the company of his fellow students from the Academy.  Congratulations Josh!



Nat's and Trev's new baby Angelina

Sempai Nat gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Angelina Audrey Aung Than on Monday 28 August at 4.20am.

It was a long day (and night!) but she finally came out tipping the scales at 3.1kg (or 7lbs) and 49cm (20 inches) in length.

Mum and bub are both doing fine and are at home.  Congratulations to Nat and Trev and we welcome this new addition to the Wu-Wei Dao family!


Pictures of Angelina Aung Than (click to enlarge)
      Shihan Dan completes another intensive training with
Master Chen

Shihan Dan completed yet another intensive training with Master Chen at Wu-Lin from 24 to 27 June 2006.  As before, Shihan ended up training at least 10 hours per day, often late into the night.  Master Chen was, once again, a very generous with his knowledge and time. 

On this occasion Shihan was able to correct and refine his Taijiquan skills and learn another Xingyiquan form.  He has also brought back with him Chen Pan-Ling's unique walking stick form which some students will have the opportunity of learning at this years intensive training course.

Shihan Dan and Kancho have been invited to train with Master Chen in Taiwan in January 2007.


Shihan Dan and Master Chen

Shihan Dan leads Xingyiquan practice

Pao quan - Xingyi's pounding fist

Hong quan - Xingy's crossing fist

Xingyi's san ti posture

Xingyi's 5 element linking form

Beng quan - Xingy's crushing fist


Nat and Trev get married

Sempais Nat and Trev were married on 29 April 2006.  Photos coming soon!



Gashuku 2006 report

The 2006 Gashuku was held from 16-22 April 2006.  A report will follow soon, but the pictures are set out below.


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