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The tonfa is one of the more popular weapons from Okinawan kobudo, having been adopted by many police forces as a weapon of law enforcement.

It was originally the handle of an agricultural grinder (or some say, a pump).

The tonfa is a very versatile weapon, lending itself to fast rotating movements as well as straight forward baton techniques.  It can be used to block and deflect downward thrusts from far more powerful weapons, such as the kon.

Tonfa is an elective weapon from Nidan 3 onwards.

The tonfa units available are listed below:




Structure of the syllabus




Unit 1

Tonfa Drill;
Sempo no kon: A kon kata designed to be combined with Hitsuyo no sai, tonfa or kama katas to form a 2-person kata or embu.





Unit 2

Hitsuyo no tonfa kata: A tonfa kata incorporating all of the essential techniques. Designed to be combined with Sempo no kon kata to form a 2-person kata or embu.




3rd Level

Hamahiga no tonfa: A traditional form for this unusual weapon designed by the master Hamahiga.