Kama (sickle)


Structure of syllabus


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The Kama or sickle is an agricultural tool in practically every society.  In Okinawa it was also put to use as a traditional weapon of self defence.

The kma is always used in pairs.  It is particularly useful against long range weapons such as the kon/bo, since the blades are useful in deflection as well as in attack.

Kama is an elective weapon from Nidan 3 onwards.

The kama units available are listed below:


Structure of the syllabus

Unit 1

Kama Drill;
Sempo no kon: A kon/bo kata designed to be combined with Hitsuyo no sai, tonfa or kama katas to form a 2-person kata or embu.



Unit 2

Hitsuyo no kama kata: A kama kata incorporating all of the essential techniques and designed to be combined with Sempo no kon kata to form a 2-person kata or embu.




Unit 3

Tozan no kama: A traditional form for this unusual weapon designed by the master Tozan.