Kobudo Bokken - wooden sword


Structure of syllabus











The bokken (a wooden katana or sword) syllabus taught at the Academy derives from Aiki bokken system of sword fighting, with techniques from the Shinkendo and the Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu samurai systems.

Bokken is an elective weapon from Nidan 3 onwards.

The bokken units available are listed below:


Structure of the syllabus

Unit 1

Bokken suburi 1-5  (members only can download a pdf)
Awase drills 1-3


Juhachi bokken embu


Unit 2

Bokken suburi 6-7  (members only can download a pdf)
Juhachi bokken kata: 18 move circular bokken kata that can be used as a 2-person form or embu.



Unit 3

Happogiri kata: 8-angle cutting drill.
Kata-no-shodan: This kata utilises some the angle cuts from Happogiri.
(Both the drill and kata can be performed with either the katana (sword) or the bokken (wooden sword).