Okinawan and Japanese weapons arts








After the white belt phase, students in the Academy begin studying Japanese and Okinawan traditional weaponry (kobudo).

"Kobudo" literally means "old marital arts" in Japanese - a reference to the fact that these arts date from antiquity.

Traditionally kobudo was/is taught alongside Karate and the Academy continues this tradition.

While kobudo is an art in its own right and is not as easy to learn or apply as Arnis, it is introduced at a time when the increased maturity of the student is expected to match the complexity of the techniques.

The weapon taught during the green, brown and shodan phases is:

  •  Jo (4ft staff)

From nidan onwards students can choose a weapons elective, including one from the following kobudo streams:




  • Kon or Bo (6 ft staff)

  • Sai (trident)

  • Tonfa (a baton with a handle at right angles at one end, used by many police forces - originally a grinder handle)

  • Kama (sickles used in pairs)

  • Nunchaku (2-sectioned flail - as made famous by Bruce Lee)

  • Bokken (wooden sword)