Internal arts

Chen Pan-Ling Neijiaquan
the Chen Pan-Ling style soft arts of China








In line with the philosophy of the Wu-Wei Dao system, the Academy follows its "hard" or "external" syllabus with a study of the principal internal or soft arts of China, namely :

The internal arts system adopted by the Academy is the Chen Pan-Ling style, named after its founder Chen Pan-Ling, a man cited by Chinese martial historians Donn F Draeger and Robert W Smith in their book Comprehensive Asian Fighting Arts as "perhaps the leading authority on Chinese Boxing..." of his time.


Chen Pan-Ling




Chen Pan-Ling's impressive lineage in all 3 internal arts stretches back into antiquity, to the very original founders. 

Shifu Dan is privileged to be a direct student of Chen Pan-Ling's son and heir Chen Yun-Ching.  Master Chen lives and teaches in Taizhong, Taiwan, but makes regular visits to Australia to teach his father's art.

In January 2009 Shifu Dan was accorded the honour of being accepted as a bai shi or inner circle student of Master Chen in a ceremony in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

The Academy is committed to the preservation of this rare and truly profound martial system.

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Chen Yun-Ching