The Academy's headquarters






The outside of Honbu dojo

Welcome to our home...

The Academy's headquarters (Honbu) is situated at the Bayswater Martial Arts and Yoga Centre, 91 Whatley Cres, Bayswater (cnr King William St) in Western Australia.  It is a full-time martial arts and health centre offering tuition in all of the Academy's martial disciplines, yoga and other health and fitness activities.

The inside of Honbu dojo

The centre is equipped with both traditional and modern training facilities including punching bags and shields, speedballs, chishi (traditional weights) and a wooden dummy.

The centre has recently received a complete refurbishment including a sprung wooden floor.




There is ample, easily accessible parking and the centre is directly across from the Bayswater Train station.  In addition it is within a short distance from bicycle paths.

Ample, accessible parking and close to Bayswater Train Station

Another view of the reception area

View from the back

The reception and members lounge

Map (click to enlarge)

Another view from the back